Tanya Mahar

Bancroft, Ontario, Canada
Certified UM Trainer/Teacher

Tanya’s meditation journey began in 1998, and her dedicated practice continues to support her interest in improving and transcending the self. Through personal experience, she discovered the profound benefits of mindfulness in navigating anxiety, addiction, chronic illness…really all the challenges of the human experience. Moreover, Tanya understands the potential of meditation to enjoy a happier, more fulfilling life (even amidst the challenges) and to provide deep insights into the nature of self.


Since 2011, Tanya has been enthusiastically offering meditation classes, workshops and retreats in a variety of settings, with a particular interest in making mindfulness practice freely available to all.


Several esteemed meditation teachers have been influential on her path, but since being introduced to (and blown away by) Shinzen Young’s teachings in 2016, Tanya considers him to be her primary teacher. In order to best serve and support others on their journey as a meditation teacher and coach, she became a Certified Teacher/Trainer in his Unified Mindfulness system in 2023.