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It’s Everything You Need to Start a Life-Changing Mindfulness Meditation Practice

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• Virtual, Online & Self-Paced on Our Cloud-Based Learning Platform

• 10 CORE Video Modules

• 10 Quizzes

• Bonus Lesson: “See, Hear, Feel”

• 2 Downloadable Guided Meditation Audios

Take A Deep-Dive Into The See Hear Feel Technique With Shinzen Young & Julianna Raye

Learn the “How To” of Meditation with UM’s Highly-Adaptable Approach and Bring Mindfulness Practice into Your Daily Life, Anywhere…at Anytime.

• Finish With A Mastery Of The “How To” Of Meditation Practice That Few People Have

• SHF Gives You Tools To Take Your Practice Into Daily Life

• Integrate SHF With Any Existing Meditative Technique

Using Music to Get Mindful

Combine your favorite music with powerful U.M. techniques and become happier, healthier and more mindful throughout your entire day. You’ll learn the….

• “Hear Music” Technique

• “See Music” Technique

• “Flow and Go” Technique

• “Relax into Music” Technique

• “See Hear Feel the Music” Technique

The Heart of the UM Community

As the official teacher training platform for Unified Mindfulness, we have a very unique opportunity to provide a private support environment where students, teachers-in-training and senior facilitators come together to help and support each other. It’s a place to learn, share and deepen your own practice…while you gain confidence teaching others, 24/7. The UM Private Group Coaching also includes…

• Live, WEEKLY group coaching calls with UM Coaches

• New guided meditation sessions daily. 

• The “Daily 10’s” are live-streamed videos designed to support your own daily practice while introducing you to new techniques within the UM system

• The Daily 10’s digital archive. So the moment you join the group, you’ll have hundreds of 10-minute guided practices – covering an enormous range of UM techniques – on-demand and at your disposal

And much more…

The First Step in the Full U.M. Teacher Certification Program

Take your own mindfulness practice to new heights by learning how to introduce mindfulness meditation to the people in your life. Because when you learn how to effectively teach, you become a better student. Foundations is…

• Perfect for people at all levels of experience and all stages of practice

• A natural part of your personal mindfulness journey

• Created for anyone who’d like to share mindfulness meditation with others

• A 100% online, cloud-based, interactive and self-paced learning experience

• A 30-Hour training program that includes a Certificate of Completion

The Second Step in the Full U.M. Teacher Certification Program

Designed to support your development as a teacher and your mastery of the Unified Mindfulness system in many different ways. As the next step beyond Foundations, Pathways is a 12-week training program in which you work directly with senior UM facilitators to learn to teach mindfulness in ways that meet the individual needs of your clients. Pathways…

• Starts with 12 weeks of live, weekly classes via virtual classroom with video conferencing

• Finishes with an 8 weeks practicum in which you’ll be teaching your own class under direct supervision of your instructors

• A rich learning experience, with an intimate class size where you’ll form life-long bonds with like-minded members of the UM community.

By Shinzen Young

Hardcover – September 1, 2016

“Enlightenment”—is it a myth or is it real? In every spiritual tradition, inner explorers have discovered that the liberated state is in fact a natural experience, as real as the sensations you are having right now—and that through the investigation of your own thoughts, feelings, and perceptions you can awaken to clear insight and a happiness independent of conditions.