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Discover how to train yourself and your students concurrently in three core attentional skills that are foundational to ALL social-emotional learning.

Unified Mindfulness is Proud to Offer THE FIRST EVER Course on Embodied Teaching™  

Embodied Teaching™ (ET) is an innovative, practical approach to mindfulness interventions in the classroom that offers teachers maximum flexibility with minimal time investment in additional coursework.
ET is not a substitute for other mindfulness or social-emotional learning training programs or curricula; rather, it is a complement and catalyst for successful implementation of such programs.
This inaugural course in the Embodied Teaching™ approach will be taught by its founder and developer, Marcy Crawford.

Marcy Crawford 

The Embodied Teaching™ approach was designed by mindfulness in education expert Marcy Crawford after years of volunteer work with all stakeholder groups related to education and a pilot study in multiple grade levels over an entire school year.
As a mindfulness trainer, parent, and school board president, Marcy noticed that teachers were regularly unsatisfied with their social-emotional and mindfulness curricula. As a Senior Teacher of Unified Mindfulness, she knew that something was missing, and set her sights on bridging the gap in understanding that was preventing educators from getting the results out of their mindfulness programs that research has shown are available: reduced burnout in teachers, improved academics in students, and lower stress levels reported for all stakeholder groups.

How is this training different?

Instead of giving you a curriculum and lesson plans to implement, we teach you exactly how to inhabit your mindfulness lessons so that you are embodying the core principles of all successful social-emotional learning and mindful communication, leading to better outcomes for you and your students regardless of where you wind up on any given day, in any given conversation.
This is a unique opportunity to learn directly from Marcy this summer as she leads all 6 hours of this inaugural Embodied Teaching™ course.

Additional Bonus Resources included with Embodied Teaching™

Monthly support calls with Marcy for the 2021 - 2022 school year to discuss implementation strategies for your own students

2 months free in the Unified Mindfulness Private Group Coaching Program with expert coaching support for questions and daily, live 10 minute guided meditations to support your own practice

Cost $297 for 6 live classes over 3 weeks

Discounts available for groups of more than 7 and 12
Will this benefit your particular area of specialty or interest? Let’s see ...

Embodied Teaching™ is:

For teachers

Beyond classroom management, this course will enable you to effectively support your students’ ability to self-regulate through the systematic development of attentional skills

For school psychologists & special education professionals

Get specific strategies to work with students who are resistant to traditional mindfulness approaches

For all educators

Equip yourself to creatively iterate on tools you already have to customize your approach for various group sizes, abilities, and age groups

For parents

Whether you homeschool or are supporting children in a traditional schooling environment, you’ll acquire tools to reinforce and deepen their learning in both academics and relational skills

For administrators

Understand the basis of all effective SEL so that you can make informed decisions about curricula and budgets; effect schoolwide culture shifts by understanding how trainable attentional skills are at the root of good citizenship, critical thinking, and well-being for all stakeholder groups

For mindfulness coaches

This course will increase your effectiveness working with young people, but also help you to communicate your processes and results with clients of all ages and in other domains where you can customize this approach with Marcy’s support

For you

Don’t identify with any of the above groups, but have a feeling this is for you? Send us an email and we’ll help you sort it out - really! This course is not for everyone, and we want you to be confident about your decision
As many educators know, being clear about what something is not can be helpful to a more complete understanding of what it is, so here’s what Embodied Teaching™ is NOT:

Embodied Teaching™ is NOT:

A passive learning experience

Embodied Teaching™ is realistic about the dynamics of the multiple factors that impact learning environments, which enables you to be clearer about where and how you can directly affect change

A panacea for all classroom challenges

Embodied Teaching™ is realistic about the dynamics of multiple factors that impact learning environments, which enables you to be clearer about where and how you can directly affect change

A collection of platitudes and ideas that only sound good in theory

Embodied Teaching™ is a pragmatic approach that provides effective strategies and adheres to the ethical principle of only addressing those areas in which we have expertise

A curriculum

It’s an approach that is supportive of and complimentary to any other social-emotional or mindfulness curriculum

A replacement for other school-focused mindfulness courses

Your favorite mindfulness course will be much more effective thanks to your understanding of Embodied Teaching™

A quick fix

Most SEL and mindfulness curricula can have immediate desired impacts, but real change takes time. The Embodied Teaching™ perspective supports equanimity with complexity and appreciation of incremental changes that lead to elevated attentional skills, and builds connection over time, yielding long-term benefits for both educators and their students

Class Schedule

Classes will be held from mid-July to the first week of August to inform and inspire you just in time for the new school year!
The 6, one-hour classes will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from July 15 through August 3 at 5 p.m. Pacific/8 p.m. Eastern.

Syllabus Overview

Each week you’ll learn an Embodied Teaching™ perspective on learning, a principle of attentional skill development, and a strategy you can customize for your students. Live classes will also include an interactive activity to facilitate understanding of the principles, a practice recommendation for yourself and/or your students, and a printable handout for your reference.

Topics by Class:

What is Embodied Teaching™, Mindfulness, and Social-Emotional Learning? 

Focus on core attentional skills as the foundation for any successful implementation of SEL curriculum, and introduce the concept of Embodied Teaching

Sensory Clarity - cultivating emotional intelligence is both individual and communal

Discover how self-awareness is better cultivated with interactive processes when working with youth of all ages

Focus on Kindness, Community, and Leadership

A student-centered, deeply effective approach to cultivating caring and inclusiveness in any community

Concentration - attending to the focus range facilitated by the educator

Learn why and how to flip a traditional model of student understanding to one of adult/teacher understanding in order to improve focus for all learners

Equanimity - building resilience for teachers and students with emotional contagion

Hone the balancing act of allowing for student empowerment and discovery while maintaining a safe and effective learning environment

State to Trait:

Infusing more of ongoing daily life with mindful awareness. Learn how daily reinforcement and growth can happen for you and your students simultaneously and without requiring extra practice outside of the school day

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