Meet the Unified Mindfulness Faculty…

Shinzen Young is the official teacher training platform for Shinzen and the Unified Mindfulness System.

Created over 50 years of research and testing by Shinzen Young, Unified Mindfulness is a system of meditation that’s easily researchable by science, with clear terminology and rigorous precision around concepts and procedures.

The Unified Mindfulness system is a comprehensive, robust and refined support structure that any individual at any stage of meditation practice can rely on to go deeper in their insight and their ability to share it with others. It is also a secular form of meditation, which means it’s not religious in any way so anyone, of any faith, can do it.  Read more about Shinzen here…

Julianna Raye

Founder & Head Trainer @ Unified Mindfulness

Don McCormick, Ph.D.

Director of Education

Dr. Stella Marrie

Director of Continuing Education at Unified Mindfulness

Polly Young-Eisendrath, Ph.D.

Coordinator of Professional Education