Avery Argenna

Rochester, NY, USA
Certified UM Trainer/Teacher

I spent the first half of my life feeling mostly overwhelmed and lost, with occasional spontaneous glimpses into profound relief and clarity. These brief tastes of freedom eventually saved me from succumbing to a life of silent despair.

In my early 20s, yearning for lasting relief, I began to “seek”, drifting from one job to another, then joining the Peace Corps and traveling around the world. Each new experience brought more struggle and questioning, but this became the fertile ground for a naturally emerging contemplative practice. And as time went on I found myself increasingly embracing mindfulness as a beacon of clarity amidst the confusion.

I have seen for myself how weaving mindfulness practice into a life of discontent and lostness can naturally and gradually reveal a clear path to peace, joy and fulfillment.

If you are new to mindfulness or feel like your practice has hit a wall, I’d love to guide you in exploring your sensory experience with creativity and playfulness. Together we can find ways that work for you to naturally develop your concentration, sensory clarity, and equanimity—the attentional skills that are essential for growth and flourishing.


My experience and dedication also extends to supporting people who encounter disorientation or overwhelm in practice due to major emotional challenges or perceptual shifts. I’ve personally used mindfulness to resolve panic disorder and depression, as well as positively integrate shifts in consciousness that were initially unsettling.


I’ve maintained a mindfulness practice in various forms for 15 years, and alongside my current practice with the Unified Mindfulness system, hold a particular interest in inquiry practice, relational practices, and embracing life itself as the ultimate teacher.


Email: [email protected]

Website: www.averyargenna.com