Wystan Bryant-Scott

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Certified UM Trainer/Teacher

Suffered lots. Meditated lots. Suffer lots less now. Happy to help.


Ever since I picked up a copy of Shinzen Young’s book, The Science of Enlightenment, I’ve been continually impressed by the conceptual clarity and practical utility of his style of teaching. I’m now thrilled to carry it forward as a Teacher of Unified Mindfulness.


My personal training background and general orientation is traditional, religious, and Buddhist. I’ve completed ~2.5 years of intensive residential monastic training, and I continue to learn and and practice within classical Buddhist contemplative traditions under teachers within the lineages of Theravada, Vajrayana, Zen, and Dzogchen, all amidst integrating this secular life.


For me, practice from the outset has been focused on the cultivation of Insight within a religious Buddhist context: awakening. Shinzen would call someone like me a ‘liberation-focused coach’. Supporting you along this axis of development in a pragmatic, metaphysically neutral manner is my motivation for teaching.

In my home practice I’ve been immeasurably helped by Shinzen Young  and Unified Mindfulness’  teacher training programJustin von BujdossStephen SnyderLeigh Brasington, the Zangthal Sangha, the DharmachanicsRob Burbea’s writing and recorded retreats, The Mind Illuminated, innumerable other teachers’ texts and recordings, and the ethos and community of Pragmatic Dharma.


I intend to realize and make available the benefits of dedicated contemplative practice for all.


I teach within the guidelines, ethics, and professional standards of Unified Mindfulness, which I encourage you to read about here.


I facilitate a daily open sitting group and Q&A session Monday-Saturday, 6PM Pacific, 9PM Eastern, 1 hour.


If it seems like we might be a good fit and you find yourself interested, see here: https://www.wystantbs.com/


May you and all beings likewise live happily, free from suffering in sympathetic joy and profound equanimity!