Uday Khedkar

Mumbai, India
Certified UM Trainer/Teacher
Co-Founder: Life Learning Solutions
Executive Coach – PCC ( ICF)

Uday Khedkar is a Leadership Transformation Facilitator & Executive Coach based in Mumbai, India.  He is a Director with Life Learning Solutions, which has impacted the lives of over 60,000 people globally over the last 19 years.

Uday’s work has been a confluence of Eastern wisdom and Western approaches towards transformation – an assimilation of mindfulness, ontology, metaphysics, somatic work and nonviolent communication.

After working in sales and marketing roles in a variety of Indian organisations, a crisis of meaning led to an inquiry and a journey within. This inquiry resulted in a reinvention, and he co-founded Life Learning Solutions with like-hearted individuals. As a leadership facilitator, mindfulness & somatic coach over 19 years, with over 3500 hours of coaching experience, Uday has worked extensively with leaders in the corporate world, as well as non-governmental organisations, monks and spiritual leaders.

His mission has been to support leaders in connecting with their essence and enabling them to be in service of a world that can work for everyone.


Uday has been a student of Vipassana for 20 years, and Unified Mindfulness has opened up a new layer of realisation and freedom to his mindfulness practice in the last five years. He has been able to integrate it in his work in simple ways that enable leaders to adapt and thrive.