Steven Davenport

San Francisco, California, USA
Certified UM Trainer/Teacher
Ph.D., Policy Analysis, Pardee RAND Graduate School
M.S. Public Policy & Management, Carnegie Mellon University B.A. UCLA, International Development

I’m delighted to have a chance to share my passion for practice with you.


My path towards meditation and awakening appeared to begin abruptly with a ten-day vipassana retreat, which I enrolled in during a period of dramatic depression, anxiety, and desperation. Unable to appreciate almost anything in my life, I turned to that drastic measure, despite having only two months of ten-minute-daily meditation practice.


I quickly discovered the transformative and profound effects of committed meditation practice, and this would be the first of many retreats. Since then, I have felt compelled to continue committed meditation practice, driven by a combination of inspiration and hopelessness: knowing that with practice, amazing fresh potential is available in my life; without practice, not much will change, and suffering will continue to arise again and again.

The arc of my practice has spanned a range of teachers, helping me to cultivate practices in the traditions of vipassana, “The Mind Illuminated”, Unified Mindfulness, Rinzai Zen, and Pure Land Buddhism (in that order); as well as complementary practices in breathwork, martial arts, and yoga.

In my professional career, I’ve studied public policy (Ph.D., Pardee RAND Graduate School) and data science (M.S. Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University), recently serving as Co-Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit startup Center for New Data. I am also a board member of the Center for Contemplative Enrichment.

Though it has been challenging to lead a nonprofit startup while simultaneously advancing a committed meditation practice, it’s provided a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth and the deepening of practice, which I hope to share with others in similar positions.

As a coach, I meet clients where they are, helping them to identify and pursue their goals, be they professional, personal, or spiritual. I pull from a range of modalities, including UM-style coaching, motivational interviewing, journaling assignments, and holistic health.

It is my passion to share these practices.

I understand that it can be intimidating to reach out to a new teacher or coach. If you’d like to explore working together, please email me, and I would be happy to schedule a pro bono 45-minute introductory session.