Sita Packer

Santa Cruz, CA.
Certified UM Trainer/Teacher
Licensed psychotherapist (retired) and yoga teacher (retired)

Hi everyone. I am a UM teacher/trainer, and a retired yoga teacher and psychotherapist . Many things about meditation are helpful to me, but the greatest gifts Unified Mindfulness has given me are the reduction of suffering (mainly worry and anxiety) and the increase in, and ability to experience, joy. I love coaching individuals to assist them in reducing their own suffering, and I also enjoy leading groups in Nurture Positive techniques and Moving from Angst to Equanimity. I have studied different forms of meditation yet Unified Mindfulness has made the biggest difference in my life and practice. I came back to UM some years ago while suffering from a neurological condition that left me unable to drive, watch movies, or interact comfortably until I got appropriate help. This condition has been a blessing in disguise, as I have become re-dedicated to meditation, have a committed daily practice, and have reaped enormous benefits. I became so inspired that I have taken all UM trainings currently available, and I am excited to share with others as a UM teacher/trainer in the hopes that it will help and inspire others as it has me.