Samala DeLeon

Tampa Bay Metropolitan Area, FL, USA
Certified UM Trainer/Teacher

I came to mindfulness out desperation. Desperation to get sleep, not get habituated to prescription sleep and pain aids.

I had terrible insomnia due tremendous emotional distress and body pain. I didn’t know what else to do and I had absolutely nothing to lose.

As I started to learn how to ride the bucking bronco of my emotions and failing body parts, I tried UM. I had no previous meditation experience.

Cultivating the 3 core attentional skills of Concentration, Sensory Clarity and Equanimity I began to learn how to ride my bucking bronco and in many cases, stop the bucking and just ride and often times “just be” (no bucking, no riding, just being).

It was the most effective thing I did to learn about myself and apply these skills to bring the very much needed skill of equanimity to bear on my troubled mind, heart and body.

At length, I took the coaching class (Pathways) and now have completed the Compass Teacher training course, because I want to be available to help others with their suffering and be part of their process of transforming their suffering as I did.

I have applied these skills to:
-my triathlon training (athletics)
-my stressful job (corporate America, etc)
-bereavement/dying/grieving (hospice volunteer)
-physical injury/surgery/rehab therapy (post surgical care for full hip replacement)
-Pain management (physical) and emotional
-trauma work (sometimes with the use of psychedlics) to help develop insight and skillful navigation in this challenging world.
-Psychedlic preparation, trip sitting and post trip integration

Now that you know a bit about my journey, I’d love to come along side you on yours.