Meghan Stewart

Ottawa, ON, Canada
Certified UM Trainer/Teacher
Mindfulness Lead

Meghan is a certified Teacher/Trainer through Unified Mindfulness, located in Ottawa, Canada on unceded and unsurrendered Algonquin Anishinaabe territory.  Identifying as she/her, Meghan is a multi-racial, Black Woman with a Jamaican heritage.  Meghan includes over 15 years of experience within human resources, hospitality and philanthropy into all her projects and offerings.  

Her philanthropy experiences include advising for Uniting for Children and Youth, an active member in the OCDSB Advisory Committee on Equity,  a temporary role in 2020 as Chair of Parents for Diversity  and now actively a volunteer within their education committee.

Currently, she supports children and youth in schools within the GTA, Ottawa and Gatineau related to equity, belonging and wellness initiatives.  Successfully awarded the Founders Fund – Ideation Fund in 2020, Meghan aspires to continue developing training and educational products intersecting mindfulness and anti-discrimination within our communities.  

In March of 2021, Meghan launched the Mindful Educator Program as a part of the New Teacher Induction Program for the Ottawa Catholic School Board. This program is a supplementary 8-week live and online training course for new teachers and their mentors to teach mindfulness practices that foster well-being, inclusion and belonging within OCSB educators.  

Featured in CBC as a one of 10 women in the Ottawa area building community by supporting and promoting wellness, Meghan is passionate about inclusive wellness and mental health support because of her own continued lived experiences.  Mindfulness is accessible to harness in our emancipation of mental slavery; it empowers self-awareness, self-mastery and equanimity. 

About Mindfulness Meghan service offerings:
Individual Individual Coaching: One on One sessions

Group Coaching (Weekly, BIPOC and Ally specific offerings)

E-Course Program: Mindful Educator (Empowering Belonging)

Corporate Wellness Programs (Workshops, Training and Retreats)

Keynote and Volunteer Community Offerings

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