Meg Salter

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Certified UM Trainer/Teacher & UM Mentor
MBA, Integral Master Lead, PCC

Meg Salter is a global Executive Coach and Mindfulness Teacher/Trainer who supports individuals and groups develop a self-aware, resilient response to professional and life challenges. Her Executive Coaching is grounded in a thirty-year business background, with change management consulting provided across multiple industries and public sector organizations. She is an Integral Master Coach™, Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, and MBA through the Boston University of Brussels, Belgium.

Meg has practiced what the deep end of mindfulness can deliver in the midst of work and family life. She has been practicing meditation since 1995, trained with many senior teachers, including Shinzen Young since 2006 and is a Unified Mindfulness Teacher/Trainer.

Her book Mind Your Life: How Mindfulness Can Build Resilience and Reveal Your Extraordinary combines elements of Unified Mindfulness with proven coaching methods to help you integrate deep attention into your life—anytime, anywhere. Like the Ordinary Heroes’ stories interwoven in the book, Meg has found that a sustained mindfulness practice has led to real transformation—for herself, her family and her professional services.