Maureen Whatley

Atlanta, GA, USA
Certified Unified Mindfulness Teacher and Trainer
Certified Positive Psychology in Well-Being Coach
Certified Gallup-Strengths Coach
Integrative Health Coach
Facilitator, Coach and Licensed Practitioner for: EQi 2.0 Feedback Coach, DiSC Everything and Blanchard Companies

Maureen Whatley, a dedicated Unified Mindfulness Teacher and Trainer, discovered this transformative path during a critical period of her life in 2018 when she faced a daunting health diagnosis: breast cancer. Embracing the UM system as a means to navigate her pain and suffering from illness, surgeries, and ongoing treatments, Maureen now graciously imparts her experience and teaching to others.


Through her private practice, Achieve at Well-Being, Maureen guides individuals in cultivating mindfulness amidst life’s challenges. Additionally, she conducts mindful workshops at a recovery addiction center and a breast cancer rehabilitation center, offering valuable support to those in need.


Furthermore, as the owner of Achieve at Work, Maureen is a trainer, coach, and facilitator for leadership teams and employees, fostering healthy, happy workplaces. She skillfully integrates Mindful at Work strategies and techniques, promoting well-being within professional environments.

About Achieve at Well-Being Are you embarking on a transformative journey? 

I specialize in guiding individuals toward a path of healthy, happy living. We sometimes become aware that we are trapped in a monotonous routine, desiring to break free from the cycle. On other occasions, we face challenging situations, such as toxic relationships, unfulfilling jobs, unhealthy habits, or a pessimistic mindset hindering our progress. 

This is where a Well-Being Coach can provide invaluable support. 

I assist my clients in navigating through difficult life situations, empowering them to overcome negative thinking patterns that may be holding them back. Together, we propel toward growth and achievement.

If you’re ready to explore how Well-Being coaching can enhance your life, I invite you to contact me at [email protected]

You can explore more about Achieve at Well-Being Coaching at 

Areas of expertise in coaching can include: 

– Career guidance and strategic planning

– Cultivating thriving relationships based on partnership, effective communication, and friendship 

– Stress management techniques incorporating mindfulness meditation and holistic practices to achieve mental, emotional, and physical balance