Marcy Crawford

Simi Valley, CA, USA
Unified Mindfulness Senior Teacher & Director of Coach Development

Marcy Crawford is Senior Teacher and Director of Coach Development at Unified Mindfulness, Founder of Embodied Teaching, and Co-Founder of the Center for Contemplative Enrichment (CCE). She is Resident Teacher at the CCE, a non-profit that supports earnest mindfulness practitioners and the communities they serve through one-on-one coaching, group events, and consulting to organizations.

As Senior Teacher and Director of Coach Development at Unified Mindfulness, Marcy refines and supervises training programs, teaches Compass, the UM advanced certification course for mindfulness teachers, supports the broader UM Coach and Teacher community, and oversees special events and projects.

Marcy’s approach to mindfulness implementation, Embodied Teaching TM, is offered through the Unified Mindfulness website as a home study course. Marcy creates customized training programs for organizations that have or want to have a mindfulness component. She also directly trains and places mindfulness coaches and teachers who have studied Embodied Teaching TM through the home study course.

Marcy strives to nurture truth by supporting others while continuing to deepen her own practice. Her approach to coaching is classically individualized and strongly informed by Unified Mindfulness, Rinzai Zen, and Advaita Vedanta. Her teachers have included Shinzen Young, Gary Weber, Shunan Noritake Roshi, and Jeff Shore. Marcy’s primary teacher is Ursula Jarand.