Madhusree Dasgupta

Mumbai, India
Certified UM Trainer/Teacher
Co Founder: WeSutra

I have 22 years of experience in facilitation and coaching both as a consultant and in the corporate sector. I have conducted workshops and individual Coaching for Senior leadership team and as Head of Training led a team of more than 200 trainers.

I am passionate about facilitating Relationship Transformation in family and Organisational context. My Organisation WeSutra works on Relationship Therapy. With the core belief that harmony in important relationships is core access to a “lit up life”. Good Relationships are therapeutic in nature, facilitate higher collective productivity, make life joyful and nurturing good relationships is a learnt skill.

My role as a facilitator a Coach has been to put people in inquiry as they find their own path to breakthroughs. I use Ontology, NLP, NVC and Mindfulness techniques to facilitate transformation in workshops and in one on one coaching sessions. My uniqueness as a coach is my ability to connect to the said and the unsaid to help individuals challenge assumptions that’s stopping them from taking the next big leap. I am a Teacher/Trainer certified by Unified Mindfulness