Kevin Lacroix

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Certified UM Teacher/Trainer

I started meditating in 2010 with Jeff Warren, in the early days of the Consciousness Explorer’s Club. I wanted to learn to meditate to free myself from feeling like I needed to always be busy and overtasked just to validate my existence. In meditation and mindfulness, I saw the opportunity to connect with – and live from – a sense of completeness, ease, and openness inherent in just simply being.

Jeff introduced me to Shinzen Young, and soon after I started attending his biannual residential retreats at the Mount Carmel Monastery. During these years, I became part of the flourishing CEC roster of teachers and realized that sharing meditation with others would be a meaningful part of my practice. And so I enrolled in training with Unified Mindfulness, where I now teach and mentor other teachers-in-training. 

My coaching is rooted in the Unified Mindfulness framework and inspired the by complementarity of mindfulness, non-duality, and Loving-Kindness practices and teachings. My priority is to meet people where they are and support their practice, help them go deeper, move through challenges, integrate insights, and make practice a seamless part daily life ‘off-the-cushion’ for the benefit of everyone.