Kerri Twigg

Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Certified UM Trainer/Teacher
M.Ed, Certified Resume Strategist

Kerri Twigg is an international career transition coach who helps people use their stories to mindfully land ideal work.

Kerri has helped people figure out their story and how to communicate it with confidence for over 20 years, first as a drama teacher and now as a career coach. In the beginning of her coaching practice her main focus was on career branding. She noticed that when people knew their career story and implemented job search strategies they were still suffering. Their happiness depended on landing the new job. Kerri, who had a meditation practice for 9 years, took the Unified Coach training to help ease the suffering of career transitions.

She helps people by using a set of mindfulness exercises, drama activities and story-mining techniques that help you to see what is significant about your work and how to communicate that on paper, in-person and online to land ideal work. And then how to use meditation to enjoy the process and become more mindful of yourself and others in the process.She sees career transition as a wonderful opportunity for self-awareness and skill development.


As the Future of Work emerges, we need a new way to navigate and exist in our careers. The old way of finding one place, getting a pension and security is gone. This is an exciting time to be alive and show what we can do to help people and companies. Mindfully sharing our career story is the most important work to do as employees and entrepreneurs.


Most often Kerri works with clients to:

* Figure out what kind of work would be significant for you

* Clarify your career story and how to communicate that impactfully in resumes, LinkedIn and in-person

* Map out a strategy to land your ideal job (we work backwards from the end goal, like when you write a play)

* Use mindfulness techniques to develop skills that ease the confusion and suffering of making a career transition


She is a Certified Resume Strategist and with an Honours Certificate in HR. She holds an M.Ed in Humane Education and a B.A in Theatre and Film.


You have a big dream about the work you could be doing. It is time to start. This is your career.