Kata Czéh

Budapest, Hungary
Therapist, Psychodrama Facilitator
Certified UM Trainer/Teacher

My passion is to connect with people exactly where they are, and experience insights, relief and fulfillment together in a shared, friendly space.


I am a certified UM Trainer/Teacher a therapist, a psychodrama facilitator, I have an MA degree in Buddhist Philosophy, and a BA in Waldorf Education. I live near Budapest, Hungary with my husband, where I enjoy being in nature a lot. I have a son who is on his way of becoming a professional dancer.


I am deeply interested in the nature of the human mind, and in relationships between people and all living things. The unfolding mutual interest between science and contemplative practice makes me really hopeful and enthusiastic. In my free time I enjoy painting, dancing, connecting with plants in the garden, spending time in nature and sailing. I enjoy practicing mindfulness in all kinds of situations, it is an ongoing discovery, which I love to share with others through teaching, or coaching. This is one way of experiencing authentic and really meaningful connection.

Finding the UM system enriched my life in so many ways. In my work as a therapist and psychodrama facilitator, I can beautifully use mindfulness skills to address all kinds of issues with an enriched toolset. It is a pleasure to address a problem with such precision in different levels of a person’s inner system. 


On my spiritual journey the UM approach finally gifted me with deep and precise understanding of burning and unanswered questions. I have been meditating for 25 years on and off with zen, dzogchen and vipassana traditions before I met UM. I can finally put the different pieces of my knowledge from other contemplative traditions together in a coherent way. 


I have had the honor of co-teaching with Shinzen Young on a retreat, and joining in working within this exceptional community is one of my greatest pleasures currently. I strongly believe that sharing this profound and clear knowledge is the most valuable contribution to what the world needs right now. 


Let’s connect if you are interested in discovering how mindfulness can bring your experience to the next level! 



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