Kasia Haftek-Lis

Warsaw, Poland
Certified UM Trainer/Teacher

Hello! I’m Kasia, a proud mother of two daughters and owner of three dogs, residing just outside Warsaw, Poland. My passion for psychology and neuroscience led me to discover the transformative power of mindfulness through the Unified Mindfulness System. Becoming a UM Teacher has been a cherished achievement, allowing me to deepen my practice and share its benefits with others.

Mindfulness has been a guiding light, teaching me that happiness is a learnable skill, even in the face of life’s challenges. Through my mindfulness practice, I’m discovering how happiness is a learnable skill and how to accept but override the fact that our brains prioritize survival over happiness.

I’m incredibly grateful for the Unified Mindfulness community, and all the work promoting the benefits of mindfulness.

May you all be healthy, and happy, and stay fantastic!

Yours mindfully,