Kasia Haftek-Lis

Warsaw, Poland
Certified UM Trainer/Teacher

Research in psychology and neuroscience reveals that our brains are wired for survival, often overshadowing happiness. Coupled with the influence of cultural conditioning and the rapid pace of technological change, this can lead to increased suffering. However, the Unified Mindfulness framework offers a path to transformative change. Happiness is attainable and learnable; it demands patience, practice, and persistence, yielding profound results.

My journey with mindfulness gained momentum when I encountered the Unified Mindfulness System in 2016. Its encompassing and secular approach deeply resonated with me. My diverse background, spanning linguistics, journalism, and soon-to-be clinical psychology, enriches my coaching approach, sprinkled or peppered with lifelong learning from relationships as a mother, wife, and entrepreneur. In hindsight, my first mindful experience happened when I first swam in the salty waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Just twelve and unfamiliar with swimming, I surrendered to the saltwater’s safe embrace. It allowed me to learn to swim without anyone’s help. It meant discovering what concentration and self-trust felt like. And oh, what equanimity I must have had then!

Nevertheless, mindfulness skills require practice, and having a companion along the way is a good idea, especially in the beginning. I became a UM coach and teacher to share with others the pursuit of mindful happiness. Happiness, an art and choice, unfolds through positivity. The contemplative practices intend to help you discover your inner emotional landscape, cultivating the art of self-regulation and positive thinking, like water effortlessly adapting to any form – whether to the gentle ripples of minor change or the big waves of a challenge.

I am aware of many obstacles to defining and discovering happiness. Like water flowing along the riverbed, it flows over rocks and turns.

But… life was never set out to be all unicorns and rainbows.
Care to voyage alongside? Hop on the positivvity raft! The privilege is mine.