Kasia Haftek-Lis

Warsaw, Poland
Certified UM Trainer/Teacher

My life’s most beautiful journey is parenthood; my two daughters have been and continue to be very insightful personal development coaches. And so, my most tremendous success is being a sufficiently enough informed and present parent.

Having a master’s degree in applied linguistics allowed me to work as a translator and a language teacher for many years. Combined with post-grad studies in journalism, this sum of experiences made me realize that good communication is crucial for a happy life. At the same time, effectively conveying your point to another human is extremely difficult and can’t be done without mindful listening. A skill I’m honing as a group facilitator and empathy-based communication group trainer in business and life-coaching settings. Over the years, I’ve become fascinated with the evolution of neuroscience, such as Interpersonal Neurobiology that enables creating science-informed communication strategies.

My mindfulness practice journey commenced six years ago and soon became an indispensable part of my life. I wholeheartedly believe that happiness is an art and, most pertinently – a choice, and positivity can be learned and practiced.

I strive to bring into my coaching my versatile interests, the fields in which I have pursued studies, and the sum of my personal life experiences with family and career, which have powerfully shaped how I conduct my work.