Jessica Lipman

Portland, OR, USA
Certified UM Trainer/Teacher
Marketing Consultant Writer & Editor

Jess Lipman is a mindfulness  teacher/trainer at The Mindful Nest, marketing consultant, writer and Editor-in-Chief of Innovators, impact-obsessors, and entrepreneurs come to her to unlock their next level. They’re aware of the potent gift inside of them, and they’re aware of the impact they’re trying to make over there. She supports them in bridging the gap, equipped with Unified Mindfulness and other highly effective mindset tools.

Jessica has been meditating for over 15 years, but found that her practice accelerated tremendously once she was introduced to Unified Mindfulness in 2011. Struggling with addiction and the pressures of grad school, mindfulness meditation became her go-to potent tool and refuge, empowering her to develop an adaptive relationship with discomfort as well as begin the work of repatterning and developing new, supportive habits to live an aligned, authentic life. Today, she lives a spiritual, fulfilling life marked by authentic service, aligned expression, and meaningful relationships. She freely shares the UM system and other mindset and spiritual practices with people on this path of transformation and personal development.

As a mindfulness lead trainer, she uses the Unified Mindfulness system to help people amplify their impact and deepen their relationship with themselves and the world. She believes that we all deserve to LOVE this life, to have reverence for our existence, and to do something wildly impactful with our every breath. Unified Mindfulness is an integral tool set for manifesting this vision individually and collectively within her coaching and consulting work. She and her clients have found that a commitment to mindfulness manifestation has resulted in:

  • Spontaneous joy just shows up throughout the day, peppering life with a layer of sweetness that makes any mundane experience suddenly fascinating and sacred.

  • Awareness and sensory clarity catapults to new levels, giving you MORE access to your life (by way of richer experiences with the stuff of life).

  • Creativity and spontaneous ideas bubble up, regularly. Thinking never felt so good. As a creative supporting creatives, this aspect of the practice is life-giving, business optimizing and never ceases to feel magical.

She offers group and 1:1 mindfulness coaching. Her program is custom designed to teach you how to integrate mindfulness meditation into your life strategically to meet your specific goals and needs (personal and professional). You’ll develop a base layer of concentration, clarity and equanimity by the end of the engagement, fostered by the Unified Mindfulness system. This program is comprised of a powerful, heart-centered, yet firm blend of coaching and consulting: she asks you potent questions to support you in unlocking your inner wisdom, identifying your aligned goals, and developing a strong mindfulness meditation practice. She also provides consulting whose curriculum includes mindfulness philosophy and techniques from Unified Mindfulness, attachment theory as well as positive psychology.

She designs her client experiences to generate accelerated results within collapsed time frames. She offers compassionate and potent accountability, supporting her clients in developing a supercharged, sustainable meditation practice and an agile, equanimous, resilient and joyful disposition in the world.

Her mindfulness coaching specialties include:

  • Mindfulness Meditation

  • Interpersonal Issues

  • Mindset + Repatterning

  • Identity and Existentialism

  • Attachment Repair using Mindfulness

  • Family Dynamics

  • Sober Living + Addiction Recovery

  • Marketing and Business

  • Teams, Operations, Human and Tech Systems

One of the highlights of her mindfulness coaching program this year is a strategy for leveraging the uncertainties and the unknown factors in life to SCALE and ELEVATE personal and professional development.

Oftentimes, people report that uncertainty feels oppressive, scary and drives them into the ground with fear, anxiety, and dread. “What’s going to happen in my business when I do X? How do I handle this complex situation over here with Y? How the hell am I going to hit those revenue goals in 30 days?” These kinds of questions can send us off spinning in stories marked by fear, disaster, and catastrophe.

With her clients, she provides strategies to support them in developing an adaptive, productive and loving relationship with the unknowns that arise in their personal and professional lives. Not only that, but these strategies support clients in creating the space for a NEW knowing to emerge. This intervention is an innovation incubator, and has proven to completely transform the way people experience confusion in powerful, liberating ways that not only support emotional regulation, but also optimize business and team performance.