Janis Underwood

Austin, Texas/Girona, Spain
Certified UM Trainer/Teacher

Hi! I started using mindfulness techniques over a decade ago. Benefits from my own mindfulness practice allowed me to step out of my engineering career early to pursue something I was more passionate about – helping others succeed.

I started with a strong desire to put mindfulness in business which led me to create a coaching practice that served local business owners and entrepreneurs. My reputation for helping clients quickly identify goals worth pursuing and, more importantly, the thinking blocks preventing them from taking action, helped my business grow.

As a Unified Mindfulness (UM) teacher/trainer, I offer individual coaching sessions for both professional and personal endeavors, guided practice sessions for groups, and practice strategy programs so people have the right level of support when they need it. I absolutely love helping people new to the UM system apply their skills to everyday situations. I really enjoy helping clients create realistic action plans so they can practice as consistently as they want to. 

I specialize in helping clients apply mindfulness, kindly, to challenges associated with ADD/ADHD, anxiety, and chronic pain. And for those concerned with going too far, too fast, I’m also a Polyvagal Theory informed practitioner, ideal for those who want to practice while staying within their limits. One of my favorite challenges as a coach and trainer is finding ways to make complicated concepts relatable and practical for beginners. 

So if you are new to practice, find yourself stuck or concerned about how to make practice sustainable or even practical, feel free to reach out to me via my website. I also have some free practice videos featured there if you need a little encouragement.