Gunjan Kapoor​

Hyderabad, India
Independent Consultant, Trainer, Published Author, Blogger, Social Volunteer
Certified UM Trainer/Teacher

Happy Soul, believer in gift called life, avid traveler and explorer, respects relationships and believes in goodness all around. Student of her two sons who teach her many lessons of life, Gunjan lives in Hyderabad, beautiful “city of pearls” in India.


She holds a Masters Diploma in Business Administration and is a Certified Associate from the Indian Institute of Bankers. With more than a decade of experience in dealing with clients in Banking and Commercial sector, her innate interest in people and their behavior inspired her to work in the area of Training and Development. She helps individuals and organizations reach their true potential through her customized training programs.


A simple conversation with her younger son few years back gave her the idea to write her first blog and discover her passion for writing, which she finds cathartic way of expression.


She contributes regularly though blogs, micro-fiction stories and poetry on several online platforms across a variety of topics such as Parenting, Travel, Mindfulness, relationships and nurturing positivity.

Gunjan also maintains her blogs on her personal website at She had published her first Book on Poetry and Micro Fiction in 2020 and is currently penning her second book. Gunjan also volunteers to teach underprivileged children through the “Teach for Change” Program as she firmly believes that lessons learnt early in life (childhood), continue to shape the future years.

Desire to deepen her own practice and understanding of mindfulness made her pursue the Unified Mindfulness Foundations Program. Seeing the benefits, it had in her personal life and her willingness and passion to share this knowledge with others, made her move ahead on the path of becoming a Unified Mindfulness Coach.



Gunjan likes to add life to her days by starting it with Yoga, meditation, and morning walks. She enjoys spending time with her family, travelling to new places, reading, and writing.