Erica Lee

Brisbane, Australia
Certified UM Trainer/Teacher

Hi I’m Erica from Brisbane, Australia. I love including the body in mindfulness coaching and teaching.


Spurred by my early experiences with chronic anxiety and a dysfunctional relationship with my body, I’ve had a lifelong love affair with mind-body practices.


In my coaching and teaching, I combine expressive, nonathletic movement with mindfulness practices to help you get the change you want and to propel you towards more joy in life.


As Shinzen Young says, your practice can be a ‘page turner’! In that spirit, I like to keep things fun, relevant and fascinating for each person. Your practice can be pleasurable and creative, and make you feel more alive.


I’ve raised 3 sons who are now in their twenties and I work in IT as a writer. My qualifications include a BA Dip Ed, as well as certifications in Unified Mindfulness, yoga and meditation teaching, and embodiment coaching.