Deepak Iyer

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Certified UM Trainer/Teacher

Deepak is a mindfulness practitioner and coach from Bangalore in the South of India, with over 25 years experience in the practice of mindfulness.


Deepak’s exposure into mindfulness practices started at an early age of 13 years when he underwent the Upanayanam ceremony (in his community in India) where, as part of the rituals, he was groomed into regular practices of daily mantra meditation. In his late teens, he underwent training and certification as an Usui Reiki Master. While serving in the military, Deepak started his formal training in mindfulness through Vipassana Meditation, and since last couple of years, he has also been practicing Heartfulness Meditation.


Unbeknown to himself, Deepak has witnessed the unconscious application and impact of mindfulness across multiple experiences: during intense combat in Kashmir as a Special Forces operator, during high corporate drama at McKinsey, during the rollercoaster rides of entrepreneurship, during tense oft-violent family tussles, and now inside enabling individual and collective behavioral transformation as a coach.


However, it was only through his training in Unified Mindfulness where he began to see, through Shinzen’s lens, how mindfulness was linked to and directly impacted almost all aspects of human living and happiness. That inspired him to get on the path of being a Unified Mindfulness coach.



Deepak today blends Unified Mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing and Non Violent (or Compassionate) Communication to offer programs that range from individual coaching and therapy to organizational leadership development and team building. He finds his purpose and joy in supporting people to find deep, safe spaces within themselves that allow for experiences of self-love, healing, courage and full self-expression.


Deepak’s education includes a BA in Economics from National Defence Academy, an MBA from Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, and a leadership program at Columbia University. He runs his own firm Talent North and is also on the global panel of coaches of Aberkyn, McKinsey’s leadership development and cultural transformation partner. Deepak is also a TED-X speaker and is often invited by organizations as a keynote speaker on the topic of leadership.



He stays in Bangalore, with his wife Sharmila and two wonderful children (six-year old Surya and one-year old Shivaay, both of who he regards as his role-models in mindfulness, compassion and embodied presence).



You can reach him for any support or collaboration (or simply just to say hi!) at [email protected]