Chris Dumler

Certified UM Trainer/Teacher
Certified MindSize Mindset Coach

Rediscover productivity with purpose—using mindfulness to cut through distractions and refocus. My journey has been nothing short of a transformative exploration of balance, authenticity, and purpose.

**My Discovery:**
Navigating the world of technology, from my early days managing the Data Analytics Team at Tinder to now being a certified mindfulness coach, I’ve found myself at the intersection of seemingly contrasting domains. And in this unique blend, I discovered a holistic approach to living a more mindful and satisfying life.

I remember vividly the moment I realized that my life needed more than just efficiency tools and productivity hacks. What I craved was adaptability, the strength to face uncertainty without feeling like an imposter. Strategic mindfulness wasn’t merely a solution; it became my cornerstone, guiding me to live a life imbued with deeper fulfillment.

I am committed to more than just helping individuals tackle daily distractions. My goal extends to infusing lives with purpose, exploring the nexus of mindfulness, technology, and productivity. It’s about achieving balance by harnessing our inner selves and leveraging the world around us.

My experiences in the tech world, coupled with a profound understanding of data-driven strategies, didn’t just equip me with technical know-how. When merged with my passion for mindfulness, they helped me carve out a new, introspective approach to daily life, allowing me to find equilibrium in a world that seemed to be in constant flux.

**Beyond Coaching – The Future of Productivity:**
My dedication to empowering others to lead richer, more balanced lives is more than a career; it’s my calling. Through, I’ve seen countless individuals discover the profound impact of mindfulness. However, my vision now reaches beyond that. I am committed to creating an ecosystem that uplifts and transforms, intertwining AI-enhanced time management with mindfulness to redefine true productivity.

**Join Me:**
In our ever-changing digital age, it’s not about merely surviving but about thriving with purpose and grace. Together, we can embark on a journey inward, fostering mindfulness, balance, and adaptability. My mission is no longer confined within the boundaries of my coaching sessions. I’ve been starting to share these ideas more openly, hoping to engage, inspire, and connect with you.

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