Chris Dumler

Certified UM Trainer/Teacher
Certified MindSize Mindset Coach

Transforming how entrepreneurs and freelancers approach focus, time, and purposeful progress. I blend Unified Mindfulness techniques with productivity strategies to help you build traction, address distraction, and leverage subtraction.


My Journey:
As an entrepreneur who’s navigated the full spectrum from startup ideation to scaling companies, I’ve experienced firsthand the challenges of undiagnosed ADHD, procrastination, perfectionism, and imposter syndrome. These experiences led me to develop a unique methodology using Unified Mindfulness techniques to overcome common attentional challenges.

My mission is to guide entrepreneurs and freelancers in creating personalized solutions that work for their dynamic lifestyles. By focusing on building traction in your projects, addressing the root causes of distraction, and identifying what to subtract from your life, we craft a holistic approach to productivity and fulfillment.


Beyond Coaching – Redefining Productivity:
Through, I’ve helped numerous individuals transform their relationship with time and focus, especially those grappling with attentional challenges. My vision extends to creating an ecosystem where mindfulness and cutting-edge productivity tools coexist, tailored specifically for the entrepreneurial journey.


Join Me:
In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship and freelancing, thriving requires more than just time management—it demands a mindful approach to life and work. Let’s explore how Unified Mindfulness can revolutionize your productivity and well-being, particularly if you’re struggling with ADHD-like symptoms or other attentional hurdles.


Discover more strategies at or connect with me directly through the links below to start your journey towards mindful productivity.