Chris Dumler

Santa Monica, CA, USA
Certified UM Trainer/Teacher
Certified MindSize Mindset Coach

I’m a mindfulness teacher/trainer with a primary interest in helping people develop an independent practice for insight and self-awareness. I like to do this with a focus on practice in daily life and you’ll often catch me exploring ideas for creative ways to bring mindfulness into everyday scenarios.

One of my favorite points in meditation practice (if you can have a favorite) is after the meditation ends and I move into the rest of the day. Sort of interesting to think about. I also love exploring practice in situations such as walking through an airport, playing a sport, or having a conversation.

I want to share these lessons with you. I want to try and short-cut the process as much as possible. I want to point you to the skills and resources that worked for me so that you can experiment and discover how they might work for you.

While training in this way may bring about some of the benefits that draw people to it – reduced stress and anxiety, emotional regulation, improved performance, deeper insights, etc – I believe that those are merely byproducts of skillful conscious awareness.

I aim to help you develop more self-awareness and explore insight so that these might lead to greater happiness goals, ultimately living a more satisfied and examined life.