Chad Frisk

Seattle, WA, USA
Certified UM Trainer/Teacher

HI! My name is Chad. It’s nice to meet you.


I first got interested in mindfulness when I was living in Japan. I read a book by a neuroscientist explaining research his lab had done on long-term meditators. They seemed happy in ways that I wasn’t.


“Maybe there’s something to this?” I thought.


I bought a bunch of books on Buddhism and tried to sit quietly in my room. This was mostly confusing and frustrating.


A few years later, I came across Unified Mindfulness.

The UM presentation of mindfulness struck me as incredibly clear, precise, and reasonable.


I switched to a UM practice two or three years ago and have never looked back.


When you’re clear about how to do it, mindfulness training can be very powerful. UM gave me that clarity, and it’s my pleasure to share it.


Take care,