Brendalyn Batchelor

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Certified UM Trainer/Teacher

I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I enjoy supporting, nourishing and inspiring others to be all they can be. In addition to being a UM Teacher/Trainer, I am a licensed professional counselor, spiritual director, HeartMath Coach, whole plant food nutrition coach, and ordained interspiritual minister who embraces universal spiritual practices and teachings.

My formal meditation practice began in 2006 and from then until 2019, I practiced centering prayer, Goenka-style Vipassana, and Transcendental Meditation.

I discovered UM in 2017 when a friend shared with me “The Science of Enlightenment”. I read the book and watched numerous Shinzen YouTube videos. I was delighted to discover someone who addressed “strong determination” which helped me understand a profound purification experience that happened during my first (of seven) Goenka-style meditation courses. In my desire to deepen my practice and teach others I have completed UM CORE, Foundations, Pathways and Compass C1.

I enjoy traveling in my VW Eurovan Camper (VanGo) with my canine companion, Paloma (a 14 year old Tibetan Terrier). This is very fitting as I do my utmost to mindfully live, deepen, and express my spirituality “where the rubber meets the road.” I believe it doesn’t matter so much what anyone believes or says; what matters is how we walk our talk in everything we think, say and do.