Arun Srinivasan

Austin, TX, USA
Certified UM Trainer/Teacher

Hi! I’m Arun, a Lead Trainer with Unified Mindfulness, and I’d love to help you with your practice.


My meditation journey began about 16 years ago, on a whim, at a 10-day vipassana retreat. I was immediately hooked. It was clear that this was something powerful and important, and I’ve been a meditator ever since.


But not always a good one! I struggled with discipline and consistency, even though it was clear that life was better with a practice than without. I would go on retreat, practice hard for some time, and then fall off the wagon as things would start going well. Lather, rinse, repeat. I stumbled around in this way for longer than I’d like to admit, trying different techniques, practices, and approaches, and eventually ran into the work of Shinzen Young.

The precision and clarity of the Unified Mindfulness system unlocked something. The emphasis on skill development and the flexible, non-prescriptive, algorithmic approach tickled my autodidact bones in just the right way. Experimentation, curiosity, discovery, and play were not only allowed, but encouraged!


Practice took off and life got happier and smoother in ways that I couldn’t have imagined (and which still seem too good to be true). So now here I am with UM, working both to deepen my practice and help others deepen theirs.


My ideal coaching result is to help you get so self-sufficient and effective in terms of navigating your practice that I become irrelevant. In other words, we’ll work together to figure out what works for you. If that sounds interesting, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.