Annette James

Maitland, FL, USA
Unified Mindfulness Teacher/Trainer
Certified Addictions Registered Nurse

Annette’s passion for bringing mindfulness into others’ lives is inspired by deeply transformative experiences that have unfolded with meditation practice. These have awakened her to a felt experience of inter-connectedness and a call to serve others in letting go of sources of suffering.

In her group coaching contributions within Conscious Eating Community, Annette supports people recovering from compulsive overeating and other numbing behaviors to develop mindfulness practices that can lead to greater enjoyment of life, stronger intuitive sense, better coping with difficult emotions and craving states, shifting away from a “diet mentality” and instead shifting towards living a vibrant life based on values, and improved concentration.


She brings her warm, open personality to online group coaching sessions and daily live guided meditation practices, and is passionate about building community that supports consistent practice and meaningful connection.

For individual coaching, she works selectively with clients who are dedicated to deep practice and who may benefit from support integrating shifts in consciousness into their daily lives. She helps guide bringing together expanding awareness of inner stillness and being and the outward pull toward action and doing that is asked of us in our daily lives.

She is a Unified Mindfulness Lead Trainer and draws from professional experience leading an inpatient addiction rehabilitation program, certification in addictions nursing, and practice within a Zen community. She lives in Wenatchee, WA with her husband and dog.

Get in touch! You can email Annette at [email protected], join the community email list here, or visit her website to find out more.