Susy Keely

Los Angeles, CA

My love of meditative practice stems from a deep appreciation of its radical potential to transform how we experience our lives. Whether someone wants to increase their own inner resources (more peace and stability, less reactivity), is honoring a phase where healing work is needed, or is actively pursuing a spiritual path, I strive offer my expertise with meditative tools to support their intentions.

I have been practicing meditation since 2001 – mostly within a Buddhist/Insight meditation tradition. I currently teach meditation at a community dharma center in Southern California, as well as working with individuals to support their meditation practice. My strongest influences are my own teachers: Shinzen Young and Rob Burbea. I began studying with Shinzen in 2011. One of the most valuable gifts I received from Shinzen was a love of precision and clarity about meditative tools. His modular, clear, yet adaptive approach to mindfulness practice has fundamentally informed the way I practice and teach. My ongoing training is supervised by Rob Burbea, whose breadth of vision about what is possible to include within ideas of spiritual practice, the meditative path, and awakening has deeply inspired my approach. An artist myself (I studied painting at Rhode Island School of Design, and filmmaking at UCLA), I enjoy working with creative types who wish to deepen their relationship to creative work alongside their meditation practice. As my own practice has included pursuing intensive practice while parenting, I have a particular interest in how a vibrant meditation practice can be sustained in the midst of daily life. Many people I work with with are balancing the compelling (and sometimes challenging) terrain of the contemplative path with caring for the people and things they are devoted to.