Sharissa Sosa

San Diego, USA
Unified Mindfulness L2 Coach

I have meditated for a long time, beginning as a young entrepreneur. My initial motivation was to “control” my thoughts. Little did I know, it would transform my ability to move through trauma, and my mental health challenges, even how I run my business.


I actively utilize the Unified Mindfulness System as it helps me navigate the emotional rollercoaster many high performing entrepreneurs find themselves in, on a daily basis. Whether it be forming new habits, racing thoughts with “to-do’s”, managing stress and emotional intelligence; these techniques have served me in those and many areas and continues to lead me to becoming the person I desire to be, to attain greater results in my personal and professional life.


As a mindfulness coach, I bring my practice into my daily life to ensure I am living what I have learned, and what I teach. The UM system has leveled me up as a person who can both run a successful business while juggling the challenges that come with mental health.


While I am not perfect in my efforts, and have day-to-day challenges just like everyone, I can become the observer of my thoughts, emotions and behaviors. This is a skill to be developed and I can share with ultimate humility, that I work to develop this skill constantly. Being mindful means many things. To me, one component is that you have the self-awareness to be honest with yourself about where and how you desire to grow.


My commitment to greater awareness, my heart for servitude and my inquiry skills are a few qualities that I bring to coaching. When working together, I aim to tailor your personal goals to our lessons together. If you’re feeling a call to work together, know that you will have a toolbox with a menu of different techniques to tailor to each life experience.


Our ability to enjoy life at a deeper level is possible.

Keep in mind, practicing active mindfulness isn’t difficult, we just have to remember to use it.