Sathyanarayan Iyer

Mumbai, India

With a total work experience spanning over 21 years, Satya has worked with leading corporate houses in India and overseas in the areas of talent management and development for mid and senior levels of leadership.

Running away from situations, people and even self was a theme that he says played out for him – right from his growing up years to his corporate stints. Till the time, he actually decided to pause and notice the pattern that was unconsciously emerging, and that for him was the tipping point of immersing into the divine journey of discovering self.

It’s been a fantastic journey since then where the discovery of self and past patterns has actually served as a powerful beacon of light not just for him but for thousands of others who have benefitted from his coaching interventions.

Advaita or non-dualism is another subject that fascinates him and he immerses himself deeply in that study. This practice of direct self-inquiry and the practice of vipassana has contributed tremendously in creating a strong centering for him in tough and challenging times.

He combines the techniques of transactional analysis, ontological concepts along with mindfulness while coaching his clients who have come back with encouraging feedback on the same.

An area of interest that Satya shares along with his wife Minal is the area of developing emotional wellness for teenagers as well as for pre-teens. This is what they believe is their way of contributing to the future of the world and creating a better tomorrow. They jointly are founders of life mantra as – an organization which is committed towards working on that front.

Blessed with two wonderful kids – daughter Ishwari and son Shivam, aged 9 and 5 years respectively, and watching them grow is one of the greatest joys that life has given and he enjoys reliving his childhood with them.