Sarah Baker Andrus

Wilmington, DE, USA
Founder and CEO, Avarah Careers
MA, Adult Development
Unified Mindfulness L2 Coach

I believe that as adults, eventually we all must figure out this thing called work. Of all the work I do, I’m at my happiest helping others find enduring satisfaction and meaning in the work they do.

I’ve spent my entire career immersed in everyone else’s careers – working on all sides of the hiring equation – as a career counselor, directing a recruiting team, and a serving as a hiring manager in the corporate world. My background includes senior roles in talent management, leadership development, as well as public relations and marketing. Bringing this experience, insight, and intuition to help individuals find the leader within and organizations build great teams has been the work of my life.

Today, I wear lots of hats. I’m the founder and CEO of Avarah Careers, a coaching and staffing consultancy. I also serve as the Assistant Director for Career Services and teach at the Lerner College of Business of the University of Delaware, where I love helping graduate students and alumni at all stages of life navigate career issues.

I initially came to mediation to address anxiety and depression. Although I observed some positive changes through practicing and reading on my own, I sensed that I would need a guide and more structure if I was going to deepen my practice and experience its full benefits. A dear friend encouraged me to work with Julianna Raye and the Unified Mindfulness system. I’m forever grateful for that advice.


Over time, as my practice matured, I saw natural ways to incorporate mindfulness strategies to help my clients navigate workplace issues and career change, which can be fraught with mental and emotional issues. This encouraged me to pursue additional study and become an L2 Unified Mindfulness Coach. I am also a certified coach in the Birkman Method.

As I continue to implement mindfulness strategies into my work with clients, they report that these approaches have made all the difference in achieving their goals with more ease. Which is really what it’s all about!

In terms of formal education, I hold an MA in Education and Adult Development and a BA in a field that is now – literally – extinct: Soviet Foreign Policy. Which just goes to show you that it doesn’t matter so much what you study as an undergrad, you can chart your own course!