Sam DeLeon

Tampa Bay Metropolitan Area, FL
Unified Mindfulness L2 Coach

Sam is a certified L2 Unified Mindfulness Coach serving the Tampa Bay Metro Area. With a background in Organizational Change Management (the People Side of Change), Healthcare, and Adult Learning, Sam understands that change is hard and that the curveballs that change throws at us, need not be feared, but embraced with UM techniques that suit you. Sam wants to help you find your path, and create your own unique meditation experience so that whatever change is coming your way or has already passed, you can embrace it with compassion and equanimity.

Additionally, Sam believes in the value of fitness, both mental and physical. Regardless if your goals are sports/athlete related, or interpersonal, Sam wants to join you in your journey of developing concentration, clarity, and equanimity. Lastly, Sam strives for inclusive wellness and mental health options because of her own ongoing experiences as a multi-racial woman from South America. Sam believes and knows that mindfulness skills be developed and fostered by anyone at any time. If you are ready to go down this road, Sam is ready to walk alongside you.

Sam would love to serve folks in Prison System, health Care facilities and Veterans.