Ron Russell

Phoenix, AZ
Unified Mindfulness L² Coach

Ron Russell is a 52 year old Father of 3 (22, 19 & 9), Humanist Chaplain & Celebrant, Program Director for the Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix, Arizona Burning Man Regional Contact, Arizona Burners Without Borders Lead, Secular Coalition of Arizona member, Humanity Forward Arizona (Yang Gang) founder, Hospice of the Valley volunteer, Buddhist and Meditation practitioner since 2003 and certified Unified Mindfulness L2 coach.


Ron has always been a computer enthusiast, from his days in the computer labs of Marcos De Niza in the 80s, typing in programs from magazines and saving them to cassette tapes. As he grew he learned to turn that into a career. Over his time in IT for the past 30 years he has held positions as a helpdesk tech, computer operator, systems administrator, IT engineer, IT Architect, IT Manager, Sr IT manager, and now an IT consultant for an AWS hosting company.


His Unified Mindfulness instruction focuses on scientific and secular approaches to contemplative practices, and provides measurable skills and addressing mindfulness “off the cushion” and placing it into daily practice and benefit. He is heavily influenced by the following – Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Shinzen Young, Sam Harris, Dan Harris, Chade Meng Tan, Yuval Noah Harari

Special Interest

I WOULD LOVE HELP WITH – Building secular communities, and promoting human well-being and flourishing in political policies and candidates along side economic and safety values.