Patrick Mohr

Los Angeles, CA
Unified Mindfulness L2 Coach

Patrick Mohr is an enthusiastic and dedicated meditator and a tireless proponent of daily practice for both personal fulfillment and human progress.

As a busy husband and the father of two, Patrick considers himself a daring and relentless test pilot of strategies for mindfulness in daily life. Whether attempting to maintain near-constant background practice, inventing solo attention games, or mapping his days using Shinzen Youngs A.S.I.A. method, the practice is never far from his mind.
When not wrestling with his children or cooking dinner, Patrick can often be found sitting in the meditation hut that he built behind his home in Hollywood. He’s also working on a plan to open a gym for the human mind in Los Angeles.

A graduate of Santa Clara University with a BS in Economics, during the day he manages IT systems in the entertainment industry.