Nicholas O'Donnell

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Unified Mindfulness Coach
The Mindful Hermit~ Teaching Mindfulness Through the Tarot

Nicholas began his journey into spirituality when someone offered the life changing opportunity to practice mindfulness. After discovering it’s power to change unhealthy patterns in his life, he decided to begin sharing the tools of mindfulness with others. Nicholas specializes in using the System of Unified Mindfulness with another esoteric spiritual path, The Tarot. With Nicholas’s extensive knowledge in Mindfulness Meditation, Tarot and other esoteric subjects, he is able to comprehend and disseminate arcane topics into a comprehensive manner to others.

Nicholas hosts a weekly meeting every Sunday where he teaches others how to use mindfulness meditation with tarot. Nicholas has created a systematic way for others to experience the magic and life changing effects of mindfulness and tarot to keep students interested and discovering inner truth.

By day Nicholas works in the health care industry and is constantly bringing mindfulness to others through his work.