Natasha Undermoore

Budens, Portugal
Unified Mindfulness L² Coach

An author of meditation and self-development courses.


Meditation came into my life almost 5 years ago. I went through a challenging time of physical, mental and spiritual transformation, because of my disease.


I was diagnosed with uterus cancer.  It meant that I needed to do surgery but I wanted my own kids so badly that decided to find an alternative way. I completely changed my diet and followed very strict healing protocol. Moreover I started the inner process of personal and spiritual development. After seven months of this health and spiritual journey I checked up again and found out that I healed myself (without surgery or chemotherapy). Now I’m healthy.


That challenging situation lead me to meditation. For me the main reason to give it a try was the urge to find out who I am and to realize the purpose of my life. I wanted it so badly that only 4 months after I had started to meditate, I went to my first Vipassana retreat in Nepal. It was a heart-opening experience.


After it I practiced meditation more or less regularly but hadn’t noticed tremendous changes in my life until… Until I discovered UM.


I was so impressed with the system that I implemented it into my life straight away. For one month I was doing SHF in practice for 3-4 hours during my every day. As a result I got rid of permanent sense of guilt and anxiety and reach the harmony and peace with my emotions. From that time I experience all my emotions (even very subtle) till the moment of gone. It happened automatically.

I was so impressed of that changes in my inner world that I desired to share this knowledge with people. That year I enrolled and successfully graduated first from the Foundation program and later from the Pathways program.


Now I create my own meditation and self-development online courses. Over 1000 people finished my courses and it’s only beginning.


Furthermore I lead on pro bono basis the special group who is diagnosed with cancer. In my group there are more than 300 people.


My motivation here is to help people who faces with the same situation as I did 5 years ago. I feel their pain and fear. It doesn’t matter what method (traditional or alternative) they choose. In any case meditation is extremely helpful. And I’m here for them.


I’m a happy person because I can bright the love and the light to the people that sparks their inner light and unleash their potential.