Natalie Knospe

Munich, Germany
Unified Mindfulness L² Coach

As a mental health professional in the field of psychotherapy and psychosomatics, I, symbolically speaking, bring more Karma to the Couch but also Couch to the Karma. I’m strongly convinced, that only if both sides of the coin are equally taken into account, true healing and personal equilibrium can be achieved. As we cannot separate the mind from the body we similarly cannot separate the individual from his/her social environment. My approach is therefore strongly based on body-centered, contemplative and developmental psychological perspectives.


Starting off with 20 years of personal and professional practice in mind body based methods, I have found in Unified Mindfulness a perceptional framework under which the various approaches can be integrated and together add up to a convincing universe. I appreciate Unified Mindfulness not only for its comprehensive and systematic formation, but because it facilitates the shift from meditation being just a technique, to meditation being a lifestyle. So it is both transforming and transferring. In addition, it allows Mindfulness to really be integrated into and not only being an adjunct to psychotherapy. And Unified Mindfulness fits in well perfectly with my personal interest and experience in psychophysiology.


My academic and educational background includes i.a.: MSc in Psychology, Degree in Economics & Business Administration (Dipl.-WiWi.), Training & Certification in Humanistic Psychotherapy, Bio-/Neurofeedback, Yoga (IRest, Yin, Hatha), Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis. Starting out as an independent trainer and coach, I ‘m now working for the past 6 years as a full-time employer in a psychotherpeutic/psychosomatic Medical Center in Munich, Germany.