Mitch Takefman

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Unified Mindfulness Coach

Mitch Takefman is certified as an instructor in several mindfulness and mediation disciplines. He is also the co-creator of the TME program and founder of MT Mindfulness Consulting.


For over 30 years he has been practicing meditation and mindfulness and utilizes the approaches of different practices for various results. He has been incorporating his knowledge of various contemplative practices to create a system that is comprehensive and tailored to meet the needs of any individual student.

That is why Mitch works with the Tailored Mindfulness Experience©. Too often meditation and mindfulness coaches are stuck in a bubble of the one technique they have learned. This does not serve the individual as well as creating a program that resonates with their personal strengths and goals.


Tailored Mindfulness Experience© is a unique approach to corporate mindfulness because of it’s ability to adapt, creating a bespoke experience. Our instructors then work with the personal goals and strengths of each student to create the mindfulness programs that works best for THEM. A ‘cookie cutter’ approach is not the effective way to insure that all students attain the benefits of mindfulness within the parameters of their life, work, and abilities.


Through the years he has worked in with large public companies as well as start-ups. He understands the pressures and stresses that people face each day and has the tools to change perspectives and paradigms.

His work has been successfully adopted by corporations as well as individuals in classes, seminars, or private sessions.