Mark Schroeder, PhD

Falls Church, VA, USA
Unified Mindfulness L2 Coach
PhD in biomedical sciences

In my coaching, I marry my background in science with the refinement of subjective experience available through the Unified Mindfulness System to achieve personal well being grounded in both worlds.


Having worked in science policy, I have had frontline experience in the challenges of communicating across scientific disciplines and have developed skills necessary to effectively integrate and convey information across these divides. We create so much knowledge that is not easily accessible to non-scientists although it can improve their life.


I can help you on your own personal journey to understand science that may have personal meaning or interest for you with mindfulness practices, habits, and decisions in life. This can range from general information from neuroscience relevant to optimizing meditation practice or be focused on unpacking how to effectively implement treatment information from a healthcare professional.


One major focus of the UM system is practice in daily life and I am particularly interested in the blossoming that can occur at the interface of personal practice and scientific progress.

I have a BS in Bioengineering from Cornell University and a PhD in developmental neurogenetics from Rockefeller University. I did postdoctoral training at the Janelia Research Campus of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and was an American Association for Advancement of Science Science and Technology Policy Fellow. I love spending time outdoors and with my dogs, like cooking, eating, and exercise, wish I did more Improv, like analyzing data, and often have my head buried in a book.