Marilyn McLaughlin

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Unified Mindfulness L² Coach

Marilyn McLaughlin, MFA, RSMT is an arts and wellness educator, somatic/expressive movement specialist, interactive rhythm mindfulness facilitator, and fitness specialist for people at mid life and beyond.


Born in New York, she completed her BFA in Dance at the University of Utah and then went on to complete her MFA in Acting and Performance from UCLA. Her post graduate work has included extensive studies and certifications in Laban Movement Analysis, St. John Neuromuscular Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Fall Risk Reduction, Senior Fitness, Interactive Group Drum Facilitation.

She has been a student of Shinzen Young since 1997 and has completed the first 2 of 3 training programs ( Foundations and Pathways) with Unified Mindfulness, ultimately working toward full certification as a UM instructor in 2019.


She is creator of All Bodies Dance, Drumming Into Stillness, and Rhythmic Play for Memory and Mobility: Enhancing Quality of Life – a training program created in collaboration with UCLA Arts and Healing. She brings a passion for multidisciplinary synthesis to all that she does, allowing her to pull from all of her talents to empower those she works with to make meaning and bring presence to all that they do.