Madis Jürviste

Saaremaa, Estonia
Unified Mindfulness L2 Coach

I became interested in meditation already as a child when looking at my father “disappearing” for long moments in the middle of everyday activities. It seemed to me as a very mystical and deep practice. Later, as I became myself interested in yoga, I got a glimpse of what it means to meditate. Nevertheless, it took several more years until I started practising Reiki, when I finally started integrating contemplative exercises into my daily routine. Thanks to my teacher Frans Stiene, I found my way to different Zen masters’ writings and had a broader comprehension of what lies behind the word Zen. Coming from that direction, it was a great pleasure to discover Shinzen’s book, “The Science of Enlightenment”, which lead me to take part in several UM courses and to start guiding others. Why UM rather than any other approach? Shinzen’s system is very precise and comprehensive.


Small changes can often bring forward a significant change in one’s life. This is the underlying principle in my work as a mindfulness coach. Very often, we tend to dismiss any kind of lifestyle improvements, because of “lack of time”. All we really need is motivation. And I wish to do my best to help my students find this motivation, while at the same time continuing my own mindfulness studies, as well as maintaining a regular daily practice.


In addition to being a Unified Mindfulness coach, I am also an interpreter (Estonian-French-English), literary translator, lexicographer, shinpiden-level Reiki practitioner, and have a deep interest towards creating sound with Tibetan singing bowls.