Leslie Hanna

CIncinnati, OH, USA

Unified Mindfulness L2 Coach
Director of Communications
MA, Communication Sciences

Hello! I’m a writer, communications professional, and Unified Mindfulness L2 coach. I’ve practiced yoga and studied meditation, mainly vipassana along with some Tibetan workshops, for nearly 30 years. Three years ago, I jumped on the opportunity to join the inaugural class of the UM teacher training program. I knew very little about UM before the program began, and my motivation was mainly that I thought the system would be an interesting adjunct for use in communications work with clients. What’s been a happy surprise to me, anyway, is that the person who’s benefited most from the teacher training so far has been me! There are so many things about the UM system that are compelling, but the best evidence I can share with people is the difference that UM’s rational, repeatable but flexible approach to attentional skills development has made in my life. Part of this benefit is directly because of UM’s emphasis on practice in daily life.

I enjoy coaching all kinds of people. UM’s techniques are precise but flexible and nuanced, and can be tailored, taught and learned by anyone. So far I’ve focused on people with communication concerns including social communication-related anxiety and stuttering, and I’ve also worked with professional and family caregivers for the very young and the elderly.


If you ever want to contact me, just click my Facebook link below and send me a message. I’d love to connect!