Kenneth Morgan-Schleuning

Orlando, Florida

As a certified mindfulness coach and communication consultant, Kenneth works with corporate teams and individuals to help them learn the mindfulness skills of clarity, concentration, and equanimity to build collaboration, foster creativity, and support positive workplace cultures.

Kenneth has more than twenty years of experience working in public relations, hospitality, and travel marketing. He began practicing mindfulness mediation to learn a way to be more grounded and calm in everyday life.

He was first taught how to meditate by a Benedictine monk while attending a seminary college. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in English, Kenneth began a career in hotels which eventually lead to working in the creative and inspiring world of travel and tourism.

Along the way, Kenneth rediscovered meditation and began to explore a mindfulness practice more intently. He found the Unified Mindfulness community online during the COVID-19 pandemic and was drawn to its supportive, welcoming community and the flexibility and diversity of the techniques.