Dr. Ken Burgess

Hamilton, Ontatio, Canada
Unified Mindfulness Coach

Ken Burgess McMaster BSc MD CCFP (EM) FCFP ‘77 is a semi-retired family, occupational, and emergency physician. He has been on faculty since 1980, teaching medical students and residents. He helped found the first free – standing occupational health clinic in Canada in 1981. He was a leader in the Hamilton Family Health Team and the Ontario Association of Family Health teams. He has had a meditation practice for about twenty five years, and has attended numerous meditation retreats and mindfulness courses. Ken teaches mindfulness and, in particular, the neuroscience of mindfulness and is a Unified Mindfulness Coach. He is chair of the Program for Faculty Development’s Development’s Discovering Resilience Leadership Team, which has run mindfulness courses and workshops for health care providers and staff since 2011.