Kelly Barron

Los Angeles, USA
UM Level 2 Coach, Certified Mindfulness Facilitator, UCLA, Inner Kids Senior Teacher

I began practicing mindfulness meditation more than 20 years ago while working as a deadline-oriented, stressed-out journalist. Early on, I had an obvious, but profound realization: The more I meditated, the better my life became. Mindfulness was like a multi-faceted jewel that made every aspect of my life sparkle. And the ease, clarity, and joy I drew from meditating eventually inspired me to share mindfulness with others, both young and old. As a mother, I recognize the value of teaching mindfulness to kids, teens, and families. As a former associate editor and staff writer for Forbes magazine, I see the importance of bringing mindfulness within corporations and other settings to teach adults. Over the years, I’ve also realized the deep benefits of working intimately with individuals, coaching them one-on-one, and guiding them in their practice. My training and teaching experience reflects the breadth of those pursuits. Along with being a UM Level 2 coach, I’m also a certified mindfulness facilitator trained through UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center and a senior teacher with Inner Kids, an organization founded on the pioneering work of mindfulness educator Susan Kaiser Greenland. I teach classes for UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center and eMindful, a leading provider of online mindfulness programming. I also work with schools and universities, teaching students, faculty, and administrators mindfulness and designing curricula to implement in school-wide programs. My work for corporations includes organizations such as the City of Hope, Korn Ferry, Intuit, the Broad Center, Orrick, the University of Virginia, and others. And last but not at all least, I teach UM classes, coach clients one-on-one, and have worked as a Pathways support coach. I continue to write, and my journalistic curiosity and storytelling influence my teaching and coaching. So, too, does the belief that mediation practice ought to reach beyond the cushion to help us become more fulfilled and compassionate toward ourselves and others in our daily lives. The Unified Mindfulness system has helped me do just that, and I’ve found the techniques and skills I’ve acquired through Shinzen’s wisdom life-changing. A quote from author Winifred Gallagher serves as an overarching promise of what I hope to offer those who work with me. She writes: “Paying rapt attention, whether to a trout stream or a novel, a do-it-yourself-project or a prayer, increases your capacity for concentration, expands your inner boundaries, and lifts your spirits, but more important, it simply makes you feel life is worth living.”