Kata Czéh

Near Budapest, Hungary
Therapist, Psychodrama Facilitator
Unified Mindfulness L2 Coach

I am deeply interested in the nature of the human mind, and in relationships between people and all living things. The unfolding mutual interest between science and contemplative practice makes me really hopeful and enthousiastic. In my free time I enjoy painting, dancing, connecting with plants in the garden, spending time in nature and sailing. I enjoy practicing mindfulness in all kinds of situations, it is an ongoing discovery, which I love to share with others through teaching, or coaching. This is one way of experiencing autenthic and really meaningful connection. <br>

I am a Unified Mindfulness level 2 coach, a therapist, a psychodrama facilitator, I have an MA degree in Buddhist Filosophy, and a BA in Waldorf Education. I live near Budapest, Hungary with my husband, where I enjoy being in nature a lot. I have a son who is on his way of becoming a professional dancer.