Jim Grabb

Sagaponack, NY, USA
Unified Mindfulness L2 Coach
Mindfulness Coach CFA

“While I had been drawn to the idea of meditating for a long time, my efforts were fitful, clumsy and without guidance or structure. Then around 7 years ago, I developed a more consistent and concentrated practice. The process of sitting daily and attending a retreat regularly was a game changer. I simply had no idea how much I had been getting bounced around by my thoughts and emotions, how often I had been experiencing an ongoing low-level anxiousness, or how undermining my periodic reactivity could be. Now, after several years of structured practice, consistent retreating, training to be a coach, and a much deeper understanding of this whole project, I’m proud to say that I still get bounced around, still get that anxious buzz in the body, and still react.

I just experience all of that much less, at lower levels, and for shorter durations. Further, a better understanding of myself has led to a better understanding of others, and thus a deeper connection. Mindfulness practice in general and UM in particular have been a gift. Working primarily with beginning meditators or newish meditators wishing to go deeper, as well as with high performance athletes and business people, I am grateful — and stoked – to be able to coach these practices and help others tap into some of these benefits.”


Jim Grabb is a Stanford graduate and former professional tennis player who was ranked as high as #24 in the world in singles and #1 in the world in doubles. Throughout his 14-year professional career, Jim won two Grand Slam doubles titles, represented the USA in Davis Cup, played over 375 professional singles matches, and had wins over most of the top players in the world. Jim received the Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 2011, and spent 5 years in the investor relations department of a US-based global hedge fund firm. Throughout his career, Jim has also coached elite tennis players and consulted with high-performance tennis programs.


In addition to being a UM L2 UM Coach, Jim is a Mindfulness Institute Accredited Teacher and is certified to teach MAPs, an introductory mindfulness curriculum created by UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center.