Jeff Sinclair

Richmond, Virginia, USA

Unified Mindfulness L2 Coach
Senior Technology Support Analyst

As a science and technology geek with a B.S. in Physics, I greatly value the ability of Unified Mindfulness to marry the best of both worlds – science and contemplative practice. With many years of personal practice, I have trained as a UM coach to be able to spread this ultimate life training to as many people as I can, both in the workplace and in the community.


I got my start in mindfulness coaching by leading introductory mindfulness classes for fellow associates at the Fortune 500 company at which I’m a Senior Technology Support Analyst. I started a grass roots mindfulness program there and have taught over 150 coworkers mindfulness techniques to enhance their lives and careers.


I have a strong interest in bringing mindfulness to the workplace as I see it as a win-win; it increases employee happiness and therefore can increase productivity and employee retention and just make work a more pleasant experience for everyone! And at scale I believe it can even change the trajectory of a company to be a better corporate citizen and create powerful good in the world beyond simply seeking profit.

I’m largely informed by Integral Theory, which is a holistic way of looking at cultures, individuals and human growth. I help people apply mindfulness to enjoy music more fully, to enhance sports performance, and to address emotional eating challenges. As a husband and father of a young child I’m interested in applying mindfulness to relationships and parenting and the stress and busy-ness of the life of a “householder”. And as a bereaved father of our second child, I have found great comfort in using mindfulness techniques to help process grief and work through the suffering that can come from that and want to share that with others who need it.


I’m looking forward to connecting with you and sharing this practice, which can help increase happiness and relieve suffering in almost any area of life you can imagine. Contact me to find out how you can use mindfulness to help achieve your own personal goals.